About me

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I have been working as an English and Serbian teacher and freelance translator, in Serbia and in France. I have a lot of experience with people of all ages, and my classes are adapted to the particular needs of each client. Moreover, my program is adapted for distance learning (via Skype), which enables me to work with clients worldwide.

I have vast experience in giving private lessons at home, and in teaching larger classes in an academic environment, as well. I am currently teaching English at the Faculty of Law at the University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, and Serbian at the School of Languages Kotopo.

As a member of the Association of Technical and Scientific Translators of Serbia, I am translating books, texts and documents between the Serbian, English and French languages.

Academic background

After graduating from Vallejo High School in California, I completed my four-year baccalaureate in English Language and Literature in Belgrade. I earned my first master’s degree in Global Cultural Studies at The University of Lyon in 2011. Later, I decided to enroll in a master’s degree in contemporary literature. After finishing my studies in 2013, I decided to build my professional career in France.


Member of the Association of Scientific and Technical Translators of Serbia.